Packing & Preparing Video Handouts


Packing & Preparing Video Handouts


The PDF companion to the PFC YouTube video series, “Packing & Preparing for International Missions Trips”.

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This twenty-seven-page workbook is meant to coincide with our video series called Packing and Preparing for International Mission Trips available on the PFC YouTube Channel. It is an eight video series.

Video Orientation:     Rules of Packing

Video One:                 Packing Your Day Pack

Video Two:                 Packing Your Carry-On

Video Three:              Packing Your Checked Luggage

Video Four:                Technology on Trips

Video Five:                 Staying Healthy on Trips

Video Six:                   Team Organization

Video Seven:              Airport and Hotel Security


This PDF has the following forms and tools:

1.     Team Administrative Assignments Form

2.     Ministerial Assignments Form

3.     Block Calendar

4.     Laminated Information Cards

5.     Full Job Descriptions for Administrative Assignments

6.     Order of Services Forms

7.     White Paper- Working With American

8.     Sample Packing List for Team Members